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Terms and Conditions

Here is where you can read OUR GUARANTEE and our policies on REFUNDS, RETURNS & EXCHANGES.


WE GUARANTEE YOUR PLANTS WILL BE TRUE TO NAME. It has not happened often but in the case that there is a mix up and you receive the wrong plant, please send a photograph to Mary Auradou ( so I can correct the problem. We will refund your money or get you the correct plant right away. Please put the wrong plant back in the box and I will order the next available pick up and let you know when UPS will be there. Just set the box outside and UPS will come collect it.


Once your box has been opened, the plants become your property and you are responsible for their care. No refunds will be issued once you take over care of your plants.

If you open your box and there is a problem with your order, please let me know right away and take photographs. I will work with you to correct the problem. Problems must be reported within 24 hours of receiving your order and this is how we deal with problems:

If your plant arrives damaged or destroyed/dead, let me know right away by email and include pictures. This is required in order to fill out a damage claim with UPS. If UPS approves our claim you will be issued a store credit to replace the lost item. Each order is insured up to $100. If you would like to purchase more insurance, please let me know when the order is placed and I will find out the cost from UPS. The customer is responsible for paying the additional insurance.

If your package is stolen after it is delivered, Singing Tree Gardens is not responsible. The UPS tracking system allows you to follow the package to your doorstep. You are responsible for retrieving that package. I will always fill out UPS claims for lost packages and keep you up to date on the progress of your claim. If UPS approves your claim and pays for your order to be replaced, you will be shipped a second order. If UPS does not approve the claim, you will not be shipped a new order. Over the years I have had many people email me demanding a refund because their package was not delivered. All of these packages except one have turned up on the customer’s property or with a neighbor. Please check your property and your neighbor’s houses before you report a lost package. I do fill out UPS reports right away when something is reported because I want to do everything possible to get you your plants. If you report a lost package and it turns up, please let me know right away so I do not waste my time fighting for you.

We do not issue refunds for plants that die in your garden.


If you receive your order and you would like to RETURN or EXCHANGE things, we will do that. You will be charged for all shipping fees and restocking fee will be applied that is 10% the cost of the plants being returned.

All canceled orders will incur a 10% restocking fee after a 48 hour grace period.

Customer will pay all fees associated with canceled orders or returned checks.

Singing Tree Gardens is not responsible for shipping delays.

That being said, we do want you to get plants that you love and I do want to know what your questions, concerns and problems are, if there are any. I have many customers who request pictures of their plants before they ship and I am happy to do that. During busy times of year you may have to wait until I am free to provide that service but we understand that you may want to see what you are getting before it is boxed and shipped and am happy to work closely with you to make sure you put together an order that you love.

When unfortunate circumstances occur, I will do my best to work with you in order to correct whatever the problem is but once you order something and we grow it, package it and send it, we do require you to pay for it.

Call me anytime Monday through Friday from 9am until 5pm @ 707-839-8777 or 707-845-1553

Reach me by email: Mary Auradou (

Providing excellent customer service is my mission and your garden is my passion. I truly do love to share this garden adventure with you so please don't hesitate to reach out.

Thank you and HAPPY GARDENING!

Warmest Regards,
Don S. Wallace and Mary Auradou