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September 27, 2016
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Frequently Asked Questions  
Shipping Information - Singing Tree Gardens
Shipping Info and other Policies

Minimum Order: Our minimum order is $29.00 before shipping or applicable tax charges.

Shipping: In order for your plants to arrive in excellent condition, we pack them, sometimes braced into our boxes. You choose the shipping company and type of shipping that you would like in the shopping cart. When you have received your shipment, please OPEN IMMEDIATELY and check to make sure that you have received everything you ordered and that the plants look in good condition. Let us know as soon as possible if there is a problem.

Sizes: Most of our plants are grown in 4" pots, 1, 2 or 3 gallon containers, or are grown in the field. For our field grown rhododendrons, the sizes listed equal the width in inches measured leaf tip to leaf tip. So a plant listed as 12"-18" is between 12" and 18", left to right, leaf tip to leaf tip. However, some of the varieties grow narrow and tall, and they are sized by height. Please note if the size listed is "tall" or "wide".

Guarantee: We guarantee our plants to be healthy, strong, true to name and of excellent quality. It is our responsibility and intention to make sure your plants arrive in the best condition possible. Our guarantee applies only to plants being true to form, and the condition of the plant upon arrival. We cannot guarantee the plant once it is planted, as these are conditions beyond our control.

Shipping Dates: We ship on Mondays and Tuesdays from September through June, except for orders going to Washington, Oregon, and California. For most areas in these states, we ship year round, weather permitting. Quoted shipping times apply to just that, the time that your order is en route to your location. Please realize that it sometimes takes as long as 2 weeks to put your order together, which includes pulling the plants from the field, preparing the plants for shipping, labeling and packing. So, if you have a specific date that you would like the plants to arrive, be sure to give us plenty of time to accommodate you. You can request a specific ship date by entering it into the "Personal Message" box when you are entering your billing information at the time of order.

Ordering: We accept Visa & Mastercard, so when you place your order, your credit card will be billed. Be sure to check your expiration date...many orders are rejected because this information is entered incorrectly.


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Rhododendrons Azaleas Conifers Heather Hydrangea Grasses Trees Shrubs More
Get around at Singing Tree Gardens
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