Daphne x medfordensis

'Lawrence Crocker'

is our Featured Plant this month.

What a cute little plant. Most Daphne tend to be medium to larger growing shrubs, but not this nice mounding plant.

'Lawrence Crocker' is a cross of D. arbuscula x D. collina, developed at Siskiyou Nurseries in Medford, Oregon (hence its species name) and named for one of the nursery's founders. The plant will grow slowly to 20 inches across and only 12" tall. It is a heavy bloomer from late spring into mid summer. The single pink-lavender flowers have good fragrance, but does not ususally perfume the air. 'Lawrence Crocker' is a very well behaved plant and will not ever outgrow its place in the garden. Plant with Ericas or Callunas for good color combinations and plant habit. Our plants have yet to need any pruning, and may not ever. The foliage is always dark-green and shiny, making it one of the most handsome plants in the garden. The plant grows slow, but is well worth planting.

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