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May 6, 2016
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If you love brilliant yellow or orange flowers lighting up your garden in early May, then deciduous azaleas are for you. These plants go dormant in the winter, making them very hardy, then, in early May they fill the garden with color. Most are fragrant too. So, if orange, yellow and pink combinations make you smile, you will love these awesome plants. Evergreen azaleas originate from Japan. They come in pink, white, purple, and red. Many have combinations of these colors, making them really stand out when in flower. They can be sheared after blooming to promote compactness and more intense blooming. These plants generally are low growing and make mounds of color in April and May. They are an excellent choice for the Eastern and Southeastern states. Enjoy our lovely selection.
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AZD-Nativ - AZD-ArnGem - Arneson Gem AZD-ArnGoldSol - Arneson Golden Solitare AZD-ArnRubPrin - Arnesons Ruby Princess
AZD-BigFrilly - Big Frilly AZD-CanDbl - Cannons Double AZD-Chetc - Chetco AZD-FragStar - Fragrant Star
AZD-Gibral - Gibraltar AZD-GoldLgts - Golden Lights AZD-Homeb - HOMEBUSH AZD-Irene - IRENE KOSTER
AZD-JockBrydon - Jock Brydon AZD-Klond - Klondyke AZD-ManLi - MANDARIN LIGHTS AZD-MaryPopns - Mary Poppins
AZD-Milnum - Millenium AZD-MtStHelens - Mount Saint Helens AZD-NoHLi - NORTHERN HI-LIGHTS AZD-PinkNSweet - Pink and Sweet
AZD-RosyLts - Rosy Lights AZD-TotAw - TOTALLY AWESOME AZD-WaCen - Washington State Centennial AZD-WhtLts - White Lights
AZE-AnaKer - Anna Kehr AZE-BrdJcb - Bradley Jacob AZE-ChrDrp - Cherry Drops AZE-CorBel - Coral Bells
AZE-DaySrng - Day Spring AZE-Eileen - Eileen AZE-ELJR - Else Lee x Janet Rhea AZE-ElsieLee - Elsie Lee
AZE-FlameCr - Flame Creeper AZE-GishaG - Geisha Girl AZE-GirFuc - Girards Fuchsia AZE-GirHot - Girards Hot Shot
AZE-HaruNo - Haru no Hibiki AZE-HelenC - Helen Close AZE-Hino - Hino Crimson AZE-KomSBoo - Koromo Shikibu
AZE-LesPur - Leslies Purple AZE-MamaMia - Mama Mia AZE-Manget - Mangetsu AZE-PrlBrad - Pearl Bradford Sport
AZE-Rippl2 - Ripples AZE-Sagit - Sagittarius AZE-Silswd - Silver Sword
Gable Hybrid Azaleas
AZE-CarGab - Caroline Gable
AZE-Rosebud - Rosebud
Greenwood Hybrid Azaleas
AZE-Cayu - Cayuga AZE-Tenino - TENINO
Kaempferi Hybrid Azaleas
AZE-PegAnn - Roehrs Peggy Ann
Kerrigan Hybrid Azaleas
AZE-Supred - Kerrigans Super Red
Linwood Hardy Azaleas
AZE-PchFuz - Peach Fuzz
Robin Hill Hybrid Azaleas
AZE-Betty - Betty Anne Voss AZE-EarBen - Early Beni
Satsuki Hybrid Azaleas
AZE-Aikou - Aikoku AZE-GmpPk - Gumpo Fancy AZE-GmpWht - Gumpo White AZE-Kusudama - Kusudama


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Rhododendrons Azaleas Conifers Heather Hydrangea Grasses Trees Shrubs More
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